Quix provides teams with the infrastructure to build data-driven |

The value of data decreases rapidly over time. Teams that can act immediately generate maximum benefit for their customers.

Our end-to-end platform enables data professionals to stream time-series data and harness the power of machine learning and AI without investing time and resources in complex infrastructure.

Accelerate development

Quix handles the complex infrastructure so you can focus on designing and building amazing customer experiences.

Empower data teams

Quix streamlines data development with SDKs, version control, one-click model deployment and rigorous data governance.

Out-of-the-box backend

Server-less streaming and compute infrastructure enables you to build, deploy and scale data-driven services efficiently.

out with the old

Your new simplified end-to-end platform for creating data-driven products and services

Before Quix
Unstructured data collection
Laborious data cleansing
Set up cloud environment
Create infrastructure to enable the data scientist
Acquire orchestration and brokerage system skill set
Multi-stakeholder deployment process
Long iteration cycles before production
Lengthy implementation process
Significant resources required before delivering your first live project
12+ months
10+ engineers
>£1m investment
With Quix
Connect in no time Use our SDK to send data to Quix from any digital product in nanoseconds
Unlock the value of your data Process product data and enrich with business context without investing in infrastructure
Launch your product Feed live results back into your products to enhance the customer experience
Pay-as-you-Grow pricing allows you to get started with zero investment
0 months
0 engineers
£0 investment

An end-to-end development platform for data professionals

For Developers

Quickly build connectors and services in C# and Python
Extensive APIs
Build analytic features into your applications with Query and WebSocket APIs
Streaming Infrastructure
Build live streaming between any device, app or service
Time Series Database
Store and sync data in milliseconds
Document Database
Record context with your time series data
End-to-end encryption, authentication and authorisation
Authenticate users quickly and securely
Scale services without learning Docker & Kubernetes
Cloud Services BETA
Run backend code without deploying servers

For Data Creatives

Model in Languages You Love
Python available now and R coming soon
One-click Deployment BETA
Model training, testing and deployment without the hassle
Model-focussed Compute
Allocate compute resources by model not cluster
Experiment Rapidly
Iterate quickly and compare results with Git version control
Data Governance
Manage your data hierarchy
Visual Data Discovery
Explore and segment data visually
Unified Data Store
Time series and document data working in perfect harmony
Share Results
Integrate with BI tools, Grafana or any bespoke frontend
Streamline data ingest, data cataloguing and model deployment
Discreet Budgeting BETA
Control costs by model not cluster
Monitoring BETA
Measure performance of your models

For Product Owners

Launch Quickly
Kick-off data driven product development in minutes
Flexible Budgeting
Control costs of every workspace, data source, model and service and provide project teams with discreet budgets
Measure ROI Coming soon
Keep tabs on the business value of your projects
Scale up and down with demand
Manage Teams
Control access to workspaces, data and models
Add Value
Focus your teams on designing and building amazing experiences
Create a workspace to contain each project
Performance Monitoring BETA
Monitor each product, workspace, data stream, model and service
Software integrations