Quix changelog

Found a bug in the platform or keen to see a new feature in a future release of Quix? Please let us know in the #suggestions channel in our Discord community, or drop us an email to devs@quix.ai

Release 1.26.0 | 10 Nov, 2021

View live data without persistence

New features
  • Live data view without persistence is now available. The live data view can be accessed by clicking “Explore” in the topic view.
  • Topics are no longer persisted by default when created for a connector. (See live preview.)
  • Microsoft and GitHub social sign on are now enabled. Existing users will be able to link later.
  • Drastic improvements made to persistence service — now it handles large volumes of streaming data better.
  • An improved onboarding experience guides you through building your first projects with Quix.
  • Get more speed across our platform. This includes:
    • Improved build times
    • Improved project IDE startup times
    • Improved the speed for changing code referenced by the project IDE
  • Friendly UX changes to make working in Quix a bit more delightful:
    • Data explorer improvements include replacing the Live button with a Refresh/Auto Refresh icon
    • Deployments, Projects and Topics are now ordered alphabetically
    • The “Interrupted” state is renamed “Idle” to better reflect its status
    • The red circled exclamation mark shows up less frequently next to notifications
Bug fixes
  • Environment variables should no longer cause the IDE to restart

Release 1.25.0 | 29 Oct, 2021

Major release: Integrated Development Environment

Introducing the Quix IDE: This helps ensure your code will be production-ready by running it seamlessly against live and replayed test data sets. You no longer need to set up a local IDE (unless you want to). You’ll spend less time waiting for building and testing, bringing your products to market faster.

Introducing Connectors: We’ve connected Quix to a variety of live data sources, so now you can easily and immediately access external data sources or replay test data sets.

New features
  • Visualize data query builder segment received a major overhaul. It should be a lot more familiar for people with SQL experience.
  • We added data sources to our topics view, so now you can create connectors to external data sources or replay test data sets.
  • Telemetry Query now supports filtering streams by the events they contain, not just parameters.
  • Telemetry Query now supports querying parameter data and event data in the same call.
  • Streaming Reader introduced ActiveStreamChanges endpoint to return currently active streams and their details, such as the parameters and events they contain. As this change made ParameterDefinitions and EventDefinitions endpoints unnecessary, we removed them.
  • Get more speed in the IDE:
    • In the project view, the IDE now attaches and changes between code versions faster
    • Multiple deployments start up significantly faster
    • Deployments spend less time in queue, deploy faster
    • Additional improvements made to session setup speed
  • Improved topics view
  • No more captcha on signup
  • Improved the look and feel of various parts of the UI
  • Improved the way we detect terminal signals sent to the application in our samples
  • Streaming writer performance improved when sending data for multiple streams; it can now write multiple streams faster
  • Streaming reader improvements include handling exceptions if any happen during streaming of logs and other responses

Release 1.24.0 | 12 Oct, 2021

Default environment variables

New features

All deployments now have access to a default set of environment variables:


  • Quix__Deployment__Limits__Replica
  • Quix__Deployment__Limits__Memory
  • Quix__Deployment__Limits__Cpu
  • Quix__Deployment__State__Enabled
  • Quix__Deployment__State__Size
  • Quix__Deployment__State__Type
  • Quix__Deployment__Id
  • Quix__Deployment__Type
  • Quix__Deployment__Name
  • Quix__Project__Id
  • Quix__Project__Name
  • Quix__Project__Git__CommitRef
  • Quix__Project__Git__Ref
  • Quix__Build__Id
  • Quix__Workspace__Id
  • Quix__Organisation__Id
Bug fixes
  • Various bugfixes in UI

Release 1.23.0 | 9 Sep, 2021

Demo streaming data with a driving game

New features

Want to see stream processing live without building your own project? Stream and process real time data with our game/demo — no coding required.

  • Stream 50Hz G-force sensor data from your phone to the cloud
  • Python code processes your data with low latency
  • Results are returned back to your browser, all with Quix streaming APIs



Then check out our tutorial for stream processing to see how we built it and modify the game yourself.

Bug fixes
  • Updated packages to latest to avoid possible incompatibility, due to referencing multiple versions of the same package.

Release 1.22.0 | 27 Aug, 2021

Search everything from any stream

New features
  • New version of the Quix SDK (0.3.5) released! All our samples are updated to point to the new version.
  • We now support out-of-the-box integration with Kafka topics not using the Quix SDK protocol. The ability to read raw messages from Kafka topics is useful for integrating both read and write, and will help you integrate with Quix faster.
  • We implemented an optional re-send for stream properties (stream name, metadata, location and such), so consumers joining late have a chance to catch them again. This defaults to “enabled,” with a 30 second rebroadcast period.
  • It is now possible to specify if you wish to read from the beginning of the topic, or just the new data. Look for the AutoOffsetReset property when opening an input topic.
  • Streaming web API: SignalR endpoint for stream writer
  • The stream search now searches in everything, not just stream names. Duration, status, parents, parameters? No problem for the new search!
  • Improve performance when writing to the same topic using multiple streams.
  • The UI received some artistic changes, we hope you like the new icons, updated colors and the upgraded look!
  • Deployment screen responsiveness is much improved.
  • Source code directory trees now order content, so directories are always first
    When creating new file in project, it now defaults to the current directory when clicking on the ‘+’ icon.
Bug fixes
  • Kafka is a bit melodramatic at times, so we lowered the severity of a few errors to warning or information.
  • Fix possible null reference, threading issues.