How to view Deployment logs


With this guide, you’ll learn how to view a Deployment’s log files in the Quix Portal.

Each Deployment has its own logs that you can consult to troubleshoot or gain further insight into operations. For example, if a deployed Service has been restarted multiple times, the logs may help you figure out why.

If a Service fails or terminates, it will be restarted automatically, and will pick up on the last data point. A Job will not restart.

Before you begin

  • You’ll need to have run a deployment in order to view its logs. To view any output in the main log, the Project you deploy should write some kind of output.

Log files

There are two types of logs available for each deployment:


Logs from service runtime. Everything your script sends to standard output or standard error.

Build logs

Logs from the Docker image building phase.

Viewing a Deployment log

All standard output and standard error is logged to a main log for each deployment.

  1. Click the Deployments icon deployment icon in the left-hand menu to view your list of Deployments.

  2. Hover over the appropriate Deployment and click either the Logs icon logs or the Build logs icon build logs.

A new tab/window will open, displaying the contents of that Deployment’s log file.

You can Download a log using the DOWNLOAD button.