A powerful data streaming platform — without the boring bits

Build applications without setting up infrastructure, learning Java, or dealing with streaming-data complexities like buffering, serialization or encryption.

Instead, you’ll skip straight to the fun part: code in a language you love (like Python or C#), build powerful pipelines, train AI models, build bespoke frontends, and serve your models to production.

Always live

Develop right the first time

Quix captures and integrates streams of events, parameters and binary blobs — raw or processed, as they were when streamed live.

Just choose your preferred environment to develop, test and iterate: historic-live, simulated-live or live-live. You’ll be safe knowing your models will work perfectly when deployed to production.

Always on time

Maintain the time domain

Every data point streamed to Quix has a time stamp. This offers another dimension to your modeling: contextualize data in the time domain for a better understanding of products, services and customers. You can also immediately respond with event-driven models.
Timeseries visualise

Faster Analytics

In-memory processing reduces latency and costs

Quix changes the way data is handled and processed, from a database-centric approach to a stream-centric approach.

Traditional ML architectures put the database in the way of performance. Your data has to be written to disk, extracted to memory, served to compute, and results are consumed and written back to disk. Quix eliminates this long and costly journey, connecting your models directly to Kafka. This keeps data in memory for optimal performance and lower costs.


Streaming SDK

Simplify development of scalable and elastic real-time applications with a client library that offers all the tools you need to handle live data.

Abstract your application code off your broker (Kafka, Kinesis, pub/sub or Pulsar) to stream and process in-memory on any environment.

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Streaming APIs

  • Stream Writer API delivers streaming data from any source
  • Stream Reader API consumes live model results in your applications
  • Catalogue API lets you query historic data
  • Portal API automates any task in Quix

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Want to take a closer look under the hood?

What’s inside Quix

Managed Kafka

Message brokers are powerful, but difficult to build and maintain. Quix manages the complexities of running Kafka in production so you can focus on your application code.

Fully multi-tenant, you can start with one topic and scale your infrastructure as your product grows. You only pay for the actual data streamed or persisted, one byte at a time.

More about Kafka ->

Serverless compute

Build and run any code in the cloud without thinking about servers. Train ML models with a job; serve AI to production with a service; and quickly build integrations and frontends with public or private DNS.

Quix handles capacity, resiliency and scaling by automatically allocating resources and distributing data to your replicas. Save money with live monitoring and pay only for what you use.

How it works ->

Serverless compute
Data catalogue

Data catalogue

Stream everything. Store what matters. Quix automatically selects the best storage technology for your data type to increase performance and efficiency.

Use our metadata-driven semantic layer to enable anyone — regardless of data expertise — to explore your data, in your language, quickly and self-sufficiently.

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Enterprise ready

Quix integrates seamlessly with enterprise architecture, supporting development teams with a live R&D sandbox. Meanwhile, infrastructure engineers can focus on production systems.

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