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Free plan

That’s right, it’s free!

Our free plan includes $20 of credit per month to spend on any of the following features:


  • Workspaces: Create up to 3 fully-featured and sandboxed Workspaces to host each application.
  • Topics: Create production-ready Kafka topics to stream data and build pipelines.
  • Projects: Develop live models and services and sync to your IDE with Git.
  • Deployments: Deploy projects to production-ready serverless environment.
    Maximum resources per deployment:
    250 CPU millicores + 1000MB RAM.
    Maximum of 10 concurrent deployments and 2 replicas per workspace.
  • Data catalogue: Persist any data to the Data Catalogue.

Standard support:

  • Docs
  • Community
  • Video tutorials

Paid plans

Coming soon.

Enhanced features for teams looking to scale data streaming projects.


Our paid tiers will be released soon so check back shortly for more information.

In the meantime, why not have a look around on our Free plan?


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For organisations looking to turbo-charge their streaming projects.


  • Choice of cloud provider
  • Integrate with your enterprise architecture (message broker, databases, Git)
  • Build custom packages and helpers
  • Permission system
  • Uptime SLA
  • Backup and recovery

Platinum support:

  • Named account manager
  • Dedicated phone line
  • Dedicated email address
  • Training and support
  • Private Slack/Teams channel

Credit breakdown

1 Quix Credit = $0.10

Get all the features of Quix with simple, transparent pricing. Spend your credits on resources consumed in your solutions, at the following rates:





Workspace (Standard) 71 Each workspace Month
Topic 5.9 Each topic Month
Data streamed 2.6 GB data N/A
Catalogue reads & writes 4.2 GB data N/A
Compute CPU 0.73 CPU core Hour
Compute memory 0.18 GB RAM Hour
Catalogue API 0.28 Query time Minute
Stream writer API 0.57 GB data N/A
Stream reader API 1.8 GB data N/A

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If you use all of your inclusive credit within a month then we will place some temporary restrictions on your account until your credit renews. All your work will be kept safe but your account will be placed in Read-only mode and any running deployments will be paused.

We provide a monitoring tool within the platform to allow you to track your usage and will also notify you by email whenever your credit balance is running low.

All prices are shown in $USD.

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